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Are You Interested in Becoming a Vending for a Change Vendor?

All-Star Vending and Amusements and our Vending for a Change program has worked with a manufacturer to come up with this design for our own honor boxes.


We have made some upgrades to the boxes to make them stronger at stress points.


We had noticed that the space under the candy tray would dip and sag under the weight so we fixed that problem by adding a reinforced grid underneath.


We know that there are lots of honor boxes for sale out there for different reasons but we thank you for giving us a chance and to help us with our efforts in the communities around the country.


What sets All-Star Vending and Amusements LLC and Vending for a Change apart from those companies is our transparency.


The proceeds from the honor boxes will assist us in furthering the Vending for a Change initiative.


Who's mission is to use the vehicle of vending to create, empower, develop, and strengthen the outcomes for inner-city youth.


We also have an affiliate program which will allow other vending companies to take part in.


The reason for this is because we want to not only build where we are but we want to allow other businesses to take part in and provide funding for them to help in the communities that they serve.


Our partners/ affiliates will receive quarterly reports on our progress, highlighting how the collective contributions were managed.


As our think partners, we welcome your ideas as to how we can continuously improve our service to the communities that will be impacted by our programming.


There will be a newsletter that goes out to keep everyone abreast of what is happening.


We encourage you to stay connected on all our social media platforms.

What are Honor Boxes?

Honor Boxes are a vending business venture based on the honor system.


Each box is placed in a location with lollipops and/or candy in exchange for a donation.


Each sale helps raise money for a worthwhile cause that is important to you.


In this case it is to help VFAC raise money for our many programs listed on this site, while creating your own passive income stream.

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