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Vending For a Change

The mission of Vending for a Change is to use the vehicle of vending to create, empower, develop, and strengthen the outcomes for inner-city youth.   


Our vision is to create self-sustaining communities where everyone unites and invest in the future of the youths that live there.

Community:  We believe that if we are to change the outcomes for youths’ we must start with the community.


Building strong communities who are actively invested in the youth it serves will build strong leaders that will give back to that community. 

Hope: We believe the power of Hope can change the trajectory of any person for the better.


Access: Dreams don’t become realities without access.


We are committed to teaching and providing opportunities for youth who would be normally looked other.

Nurture:  We commit ourselves to encourage the continuous growth and development of every youth we will serve in our varies programs.

Grounded: We want to create an environment of stability and support for our youths.


By doing this, the youth we will serve will have the freedom to dream, create and execute their vision.

Entrepreneurship: We are committed to revitalizing the spirit of Entrepreneurship.


Click below to see how you can help us help our community!

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