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So you want to help VFAC???

Here are some ways that you can support VFAC and the efforts we are making in OUR community and YOURS.

  • Of course you can support by patronizing our VFAC machines that will be labeled as such.

  • Visit the VFAC store and purchase some merchandise (all proceeds support our programs as well as other efforts to help the community).

  • Be the change in your community that you want to inspire in others (it's not all about financial support).

  • Become a VFAC member or a vendor.
VFAC members can purchase a bulk candy machine to be placed in their name (individual or company).
The machine will have that name on the machine as well as the location of the machine will be listed here on the site.
It's truly the gift that keeps on giving. Click member button below for more information.
VFAC vendors can purchase our custom honor boxes and be enrolled in or royalty program which supports VFAC.
Your company will be listed here on the site.
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